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As a core part of our investment decision, AIM expects bond issuers to report on the realised and/or expected impact from activities funded by the bond proceeds.

AIM will aggregate impact data reported by different issuers. Although the issuer impact data may not be comparable, we endeavour to provide as comprehensive a report as possible and summarise the impacts of our investment portfolios. We anticipate that impact data will likely be ex-ante on the expected results of the project upon completion and will focus on expected outcomes as a result of the project and not during  the construction phase. 

In addition to the annual AIM CSR reporting, we will compile an annual impact report of the overall portfolios including:

  1. Use of proceeds
  2. Key investment outputs
  3. Key results/impact indicators within sectors and/or by issuer
  4. Qualitative data to illustrate the types of beneficial impacts associated with the investments and issuer