AIM Announces Flagship Impact Report

Affirmative Investment Management launches inaugural impact report for its Impact Cash+ fund and co-launches Carbon Yield, an open access green bond impact quantification tool.

Cash+ 2016 cover.png

London, 27th June 2017. Affirmative Investment Management (AIM), the dedicated green and social bond fund management company, launched its 2016 Impact Report for the Impact Cash+ fund. The flagship report includes key environmental and social sectors and geographies in which the portfolio is invested; environmental and social impact metrics, and alignment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

AIM is committed to advancing developments in the green and social bond market through impact reporting across its portfolios, and is working with key partners to develop industry tools to facilitate best practice in the green and social bond market. Through active engagement with bond issuers and peers on reporting requirements and practices, AIM seeks greater harmonisation in impact reporting.

AIM has also co-launched Carbon Yield (, along with South Pole Group (climate reporting specialists) and Lion’s Head Global Partners (a financial advisory firm), with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. The Carbon Yield methodology is open access, and provides a common approach to quantifying the emission reductions or reduction potential of use of proceeds bonds. Carbon Yield calculates the tonnes of CO2 equivalent avoided per year, per unit of capital. AIM is the first investor to apply this methodology to a portfolio: AIM’s Impact Cash+.

In addition to greenhouse gas emissions avoided, AIM is developing additional reporting tools and methodologies in recognition of the broad range of impacts expected and achieved from green and social bonds, such as the estimated number of children vaccinated in developing countries, jobs created and/or retained, or number of people with access to cleaner water.  All of AIM’s investments are mapped against the 17 SDGs.

AIM is committed to engaging the capital markets to bring to scale real solutions for our global environmental and social challenges. Our investments must support the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, as well as the SDGs.  Our impact reports are central to this commitment. They provide rigor and transparency for our investors, and through our engagement, push bond issuers to state clearly the intended impacts from the activities they are funding.
— Stuart Kinnersley, Co-Founder and CEO

For further detail on AIM’s 2016 impact reports please contact AIM directly.

Lisa Wong, Partner, Head of Impact