green financing

AIM joins Green Infrastructure Investment Coalition

Launched at the COP21 conference in Paris, the Green Infrastructure Investment Coalition (GIIC) is a platform for investors, multilateral development banks and analysts to work more closely on promoting large-scale development and financing of green infrastructure.

AIM's involvement in the coalition will allow access to a global network of organisations which bring unique skills and expertise through their shared goal of investing in climate solutions, specifically in green infrastructure. Organised by The Climate Bonds Initiative, The Principles for Responsible Investment, The International Cooperative Mutual Insurers Federation, and The UNEP Inquiry. AIM is among 32 other companies such as the European Investment Bank and Legal & General Investment Management in participating toward a low-carbon and climate resilient economy. 

As a result of the coalition, roundtables will be held to discover and discuss government green investment plans, including specific pipelines being developed by individual agencies such as State energy and rail companies. With this knowledge, AIM may have a greater awareness and open communication with leading players in the green investment marketplace.