A Comprehensive Range of Sustainable Fixed Income Strategies.

AIM is the only fund management company offering a suite of sustainable fixed income investment products, tailored to different client risk tolerances.

Our range of products present an effective and easy solution for mainstream investors to transition towards a greater sustainability commitment.


Low Risk - High Liquidity

Transforming 'idle cash' into an agent of positive impact

Institutions and money market funds hold significant amounts of cash, generating a low financial return but a high level of liquidity. AIM's Cash Plus strategy offers a potentially higher financial return with a similar level of liquidity but with the additionality of a positive environmental impact.



Low-Medium Risk - Medium Liquidity

Diversifying currency exposure within a mainstream multi currency bond portfolio

AIM's high grade multi-currency strategy presents a simple opportunity to gain exposure to green bonds within a global fixed income portfolio. Under current market conditions this portfolio generates a higher yield with a higher credit rating and lower duration than the comparative benchmark, with the additional advantage of transparency and impact.



Low-Medium Risk - Medium Liquidity

Converting Green Bonds into a mainstream bond portfolio

As Green Bonds are a senior debt of high quality entities they are highly marketable securities and as such can be amongst the most liquid Eurobonds. The liquidity of these Eurobonds means cash is realisable at any time.


high grade emerging market


Medium-risk - Low Liquidity

Generating an attractive yield and EM currency exposure within a high quality credit vehicle

AIM's high grade emerging market strategy provides an opportunity to gain exposure to local currency EM debt but only through high quality debt issues. Furthermore, currency exposure will not be linked to the final destination of projects being financed.