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Assessing physical risks of green bonds: a case study

Affirmative Investment Management partnered with South Pole to produce this case study, Assessing Physical Risks of Green Bonds, as part of our continued commitment to pioneering best practice in green bond verification, impact measurement and reporting. This TCFD-aligned physical risk assessment tool is forward-looking and examines three forms of green bond issuers’ exposure to physical climate risks under two scenarios: warming of 2°C and of 4°C.

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LO Funds - Global Climate Bond 2017 Impact Report Executive Summary

Affirmative Investment Management (AIM), release the first annual impact report for the LO Funds – Global Climate Bond. The report details over 1,000 projects and initiatives over 92 countries that were fully or partially supported by the impact bonds the Fund invests in. AIM surveyed impact bond issuers to collect data on their disbursements, to determine impact indicators across the portfolio.

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Carbon Yield Insights

The new Carbon Yield Insights Report summarizes AIM’s experience with ISS-climate in applying the Carbon Yield and five key findings, over a broad range of issuers – from European corporations to multinational development banks – and more importantly, a broad range of funded activities across a breadth of geographies.

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The Carbon Yield methodology

Issuers can use the Carbon Yield to communicate the climate change mitigation impact of their bonds clearly, succinctly and comparably, to investors.

Investors, in turn, can use the Carbon Yield of each Green Bond they hold to obtain a portfolio-level Carbon Yield, which aggregates the climate change mitigation impact of their investments and can then be included in the relevant impact reporting.