AIM Promotes Diversity And Gender Equity Across All Levels Of the Organisation And Through Our Investments


AIM promotes diversity and gender equity in our management and staffing. As of March 2017, 64% of our team is female, with a 50:50 gender balance across senior staff. 

The AIM team is fluent in 11 languages (in alphabetical order):

  • Bangla
  • Cantonese
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Urdu

We are proud of our diverse workforce and continue to strive for diversity and gender equity across all levels of the organisation as stated in our policy below.

Affirmative Investment Management Partners

AIM identifies a talented, skilled, and diverse workforce as central to both our corporate ethos and our success.  A diverse workforce promotes innovation, flexibility, business strength, and strategic clarity.  We are committed to seeking out and retaining the best talent and assuring employee diversity, where each employee brings to work their unique experiences and insights. This dedication to diversity permeates all management and staff levels.  AIM protects differences in gender, ethnicity, race, age, religion, (dis)ability, sexual identity, gender assignment, and marriage and civil partnership status. 

To promote gender diversity, AIM seeks a balance at all levels of the organisation between women and men, including at the Board, Senior Management, Middle Management, and Analyst levels.   To support this goal, AIM employs corporate policies that:

  • Eliminate gender discrimination in areas of hiring, pay and promotion
  • Support educational and career development and flexible work options
  • Secure the health, safety, and wellbeing of all workers
  • Promote equitable participation in management and governance
  • Implement non-discriminatory business and supply chain practices, including in our portfolio management
  • Disclose in our annual reports our progress toward gender equality and diversity within the company and in business and stakeholder relationships. 

 Promoting Diversity and Gender Equity in Impact Investments

AIM’s policies go beyond our commitment to promote diversity and gender equity in the management and staffing of AIM.  We integrate gender and diversity in our investment scoring through two main streams:  the stringent analysis we apply to the credit and corporate governance of every issuer and our sustainability verification of the issuances. 

Our corporate credit, environment, social, and governance analysis scrutinises issuers on

  • The roles of women, minorities, and geographic representation in the Boards of Directors and management teams, and how they have changed over time
  • Their gender and diversity policies and performance with regards to proactive recruitment, remuneration, training, and promotion
  • The equitable availability of professional training, flexible work schedules, and benefits to women and minorities within the company.

The sustainability verification team scores more highly activities that promote poverty reduction, enhance economic growth and well-being, and build resilient communities by trying to address barriers related gender, ethnicity, age, income, and other differences.  We seek to promote equality in all impact investments we make, but examples of specific areas of social impact that support inclusiveness and gender equality are: 

  • Health—Access to immunisation and other medical resources, hospitals and clinics, trained health care workers, information and other services, particularly those designed to improve maternal and child health
  • Financial inclusion —Access to microfinance and other financial services in underserved communities, such as funding for women and minorities’ micro-enterprises and SMES, and making available these communities the use of vouchers and cell phone technologies for financial transfers
  • Education, training, and employment — access to safe schools, teachers, materials and financial incentives for families to send their children, especially girls, to school
  • Food security — risk sharing schemes to increase producers and small-holders’ resilience to climate and other stresses

AIM is committed to supporting a corporate environment where different backgrounds and perspectives are valued and celebrated, and where opportunity and equitable treatment is afforded to all.

We do not just apply this policy to our internal corporate policies.  We seek equity and non-discrimination in all of our business and investment practices.  We encourage and support women and minority entrepreneurship.  We score more highly issuers and issuances that promote concrete steps to attain equality through policies that are publicly disclosed, monitored, and enforced. We do not tolerate situations where custom or cultural and economic differences are used to deny equality and basic human rights.